Tuesday, January 12, 2010

-We didn’t have much time in BA, but the Recoleta cemetery isn’t a bad way to spend a few hours. Imagine a labyrinth or garden maze over several city blocks, but instead of hedges or hybrid bull monsters, think large above ground mausoleums. Sariemento is buried there, as is one María Eva Duarte de Perón, aka Evita.

This is Patas Blancas, or white paws. We were camping in Puerto Madryn, which is about a 25 hour bus ride down the coast, and this semi-feral wild dog just wandered up to our campsite. We gave him some food and played with him a little, figuring he would wander off in search of more food. He didn’t, but instead decided to domesticate himself and appointed himself our dog. This was great for a night, as he slept outside our tent door and barked at anyone who came close. In the morning, we packed up our stuff, and walked about a mile to the bus stop. Poor Patas followed us the whole way. We tried to tell him to leave, he wouldn’t. We got on the bus, and listened to him cry outside the bus door until we left. Hopefully his one night of domestication didn’t kill his street dog survival skills.

-Beach at Puerto Piramides, a small town in a peninsula off the coast. The peninsula is also famous for marine wildlife; penguins, seals, and the occasional orca, although we missed the season.

Currently we are in Bariloche and tomorrow we leave for a trek in the backcountry, I will be back sometime this weekend, expect more photos then.