Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things to do while spending 13 hours at the Mexico City Airport

10. Get excited about "authentic Mexican food"; end up buying sandwich in plastic box from 7-Eleven because you're cheap

9. Check out mini-museum of Mexican archaeology sites, nicely done dioramas

8. Have internal debate about the comfort factors of sleeping in seat rows at empty gates (awkward position, but comfortable), or hard floor (no arm rests, but not comfortable)

7. Decide on floor, sprawl out, confirm status as vagrant

6. Wake up occasionally to people either staring at you, or walking evasive routes around you

5. Question your own hygiene, brush teeth and wash self in bathroom, use duty free cologne and perfume testers to eliminate smell (Credit to Morgan for that one)

4. Look up cost of internet, tell yourself 8 dollars for access is ridiculous, read instead, congratulate yourself on being frugal

3. 13 minutes later, buy internet

2. Go to a cafe, watch an entire movie dubbed in Spanish with no subtitles, "Para ser verdaderamente eficaz, un buen agente de narcóticos debe conocer y amar a los narcóticos. De hecho, un buen agente de narcóticos debe tener estupefacientes en su sangre. "

1. Refer back to #'s 6 and 7

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  1. fact: people love lists. KEEP COUNTIN' 'EM DOWN, BIG MAN!


    Bill Walton