Saturday, February 20, 2010


A couple weeks back we did a trek in Bariloche, since then, I have gotten lazier and lazier in my postings. We went all the way south to Ushuaia, did the W at Torres del Paine, saw some glaciers, then Morgan left for Chicago. Since then, I came back to Bariloche and have been taking Spanish classes. But, a month ago, we did this trek. Check out cyndi´s blog for the day 1 report, here is day 2, dia de la muerta.

First ascent out of our Lago Frey campsite, note the lack of trail. This was an I-pod on, no talking, everyone focused on their own route kind of hike. I may or may not have wrapped a bandana around my head at some point, early 80’s bad action movie style. I hope that photo never hits the internet.

Midway through this climb we hit another small lake, that was perched right above our route in a small glacial crater. We couldn’t really make out our next route, until another trekker pointed out some tracks in the snow, and we realized that we had to snow climb out of the crater.

After the snow climb we emerged in a barren rocky canyon, and finally the summit, and a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

After lunch, and a brief nap, we descended from the pass, which consisted mostly of sand sliding and avoiding large shin crushing boulders. This was exhausting, and time consuming. We rushed through the next valley, there was another pass between us and our destination and we were running out of daylight. Therefore, no photos were taken. This is after the valley quickstep, to give an idea of scale, the previous photo of the countryside was taken from the ridge in the background.

These next two photos are of our final climb, a 400-500m ascent through snow, attempting to use hand and foot holds made by previous trekkers, or making our own.

Our final destination, the final lake, and the surrounding mountains.

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